ABout Fortius

Fortius Capital Partners is a commercial real estate development company that develops and operates best-in-class industrial business parks in the Carolinas, specifically in the Charlotte region along the I-85 corridor. 

We excel in meeting market demand for industrial product types and creating value for our investors and communities. Our properties offer superior access to roadways and transportation infrastructure, close proximity to strong labor forces and amenities, and highly functional design elements. 

Our Purpose

We are Builders. We build value, trust and community. Through our efforts, we create real estate investment opportunities for our capital partners by delivering Class A industrial development and acquisition projects.

Our Philosophy

We underwrite each opportunity using market-based investment assumptions, employing prudent debt levels, managing risk exposure, and assessing a property’s long-term performance capabilities. In capitalizing our investments, we invest our own capital alongside that of our partners, thus marrying our interests with theirs.

Our Approach

With an entrepreneurial approach, we leverage our operational expertise, extensive industry relationships and deep market knowledge to create outsized value through developing new industrial product and repositioning existing properties. By understanding and delivering on our tenants’ needs and reinvesting in our properties, we ensure our buildings grow in value over time.

Our Expertise

Our team has extensive experience in industrial real estate development and construction management, working with partners and vendors to provide the highest quality building product and parks to meet the demands in the marketplace. Through strategic relationships in the brokerage community and capital markets, we keep pulse on trends in our market and are swift to identify new opportunities. We understand asset management and property management, as well as the important structural, operational, financial and tenant issues that undergird property value.